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Dance Team 101

Dance Team - noun

/dans tēm/

Dance Team is the artistry, movement and skills of dance combined with team sport.

"the dance team really rocked that performance"


Centered around total synchronization, crowd appeal and entertainment, dance team’s consist of all age ranges, abilities and styles genres. Often you can find dance teams at schools and universities, on the sidelines of sporting events and at halftime on game nights. Have you seen dance on ESPN? Yup! That’s Dance Team! How about opposite of cheerleading teams at the NCAA Basketball tournament? Yup! Also Dance Team!


At Dance Athletics we coach performance and competition Dance Teams … also known as ‘All Star’. We work to grow your level of technique and build individual confidence. Our goal is to give you the team experience with the backing of solid technique. We will work to educate you on the Dance Team World and inspire you to reach for more!

Benefits of being part of a dance team

- Team bonding and lifelong friendships

- Learning to work well with others

- Developing trust

- Discipline

- Put the work in!

- Learn how to win honorably and ‘lose’ with grace.

- Be part of a supportive, positive atmosphere that encourages growth

- Take part in community events as a program


Your Future With Dance Team

Some may view dance as an activity that often ends when you graduate high school… We’re here to let you know… THERE IS MORE!



-Athletics opportunities

-Campus involvement at major Universities!


The opportunity to grow within the Dance Team World…

-Instruct camps




Competitive Collegiate Dance Teams in our Region (Northeast)


Quinnipiac University

Fairfield University

Sacred Heart University


Central CT State University

University of Hartford

Eastern CT State University

Western CT State University

Southern CT State University


New York

St John’s University

Long Island University


Hofstra University




Boston University



New Hampshire

University of New Hampshire

Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island

Our tips to making the college dance team of your dreams:

Help you with audition video and train Come early!

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