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Private Lessons

There are so many benefits to a one-on-one lesson! Taking the time to receive a personal assessment on your technical skills, strength or routine is a valuable asset to all dancers. Empower yourself by gaining knowledge of your body and alignment and work with coaches who will boost your confidence and self esteem.

Technique Private Lesson - Work to gain strength, flexibility, and improve your skills for dance teams, studios, and solos. Learn NEW skills from basic to advanced. Pro Tip: Consistency is key. By booking consistently, you will see a greater improvement rate. Waiting until the last minute before an audition or event is not in your favor. Giving yourself time to implement new body placement is a great way to ensure you reach your goals!


Solo Clean Up - Extra time rehearsing with other trained professionals on your solo is never a bad idea! We’ve helped many dancers clean and enhance the performance of their solos to bring them to the next level with their studio. And major PLUS — We’ve got the space you need to adequately run your routine!

Wedding Lessons - After wedding planning ourselves, we KNOW the demands can leave a lot on your plate. Let us take some stress off and host a mini date night for your and yours! Your first dance should be simple, fun, and enjoyable. If you want a choreographed dance number… Let’s go for it! Or, if you just want to look like you know what you are doing…We’ve got your back!

Please login to your student profile OR create a new student profile to view private lesson availability and schedule. Private lessons are $35 for a half hour and $65 for an hour for a one on one session. For lessons of more than one student or other specific requests, please contact us!

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