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New Students

Welcome new students to Dance Athletics! We can’t wait to have you in class!
How do I sign up for Dance Athletics?

1. Click this link, and open on a WEB BROWSER ONLY. ( ie. Safari, Explorer, Firefox ) Do not sign up initially on the Mindbody app, you can use this tool later.


2. Fill out the profile in DANCERS NAME. This will let us know who will be taking class and allow you to fill out a waiver in the participants name. If you are a parent with two dancers or more, please make a different profile for each dancer. A liability waiver should pop up to sign. 


3. Search for the class you’d like to attend under the classes tab, or a private lesson time under the appointments tab. Follow the instructions and you’re ready to dance!


Please Note: We ask that all students have a credit card stored on file. You can add/make changes to this in your profile.

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